Welcome to Philip Jameson Guitarist

Philip's passion for playing the guitar started at the age of 3 when he would sit out on the front lawn and play his ukulele to passers-by and his cat and dog. The ukulele he stills has to this day which reminds him of the innocence and uninhibited expression of playing and being present in the joy of sound and story of music.

This continued for another 5 years which included piano lessons.Then at the age of 15 the joy of playing guitar surfaced and the journey began. Initially self taught Philip explored genres ranging from country, blues, jazz and then classical. It wasn't until in his early 20s that he finally took formal lessons whereupon the light was switched on!

Guitar music influences have been George Benson, John Williams, Julian Bream, Mark Knopfler, Wes Montgomery, and Earl Klugh.  

Content with quietly recording in the studio, Philip has recorded one CD "Quietude" and is currently procrastinating working on another.

Please feel free to go to listen to sample of his Quietude CD online and purchase.

Thank you for stopping by to exploring Philip's sounds and website.